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Parents and Home Educators

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Our stories are there to support you learn with your child and enjoy the time you spend together.

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How to Explore More stories

These ideas are a really simple form of learning using stories and adventures, where children become ‘people’ whose help is needed to solve a problem. The story provides the purpose for the learning and activities are required to help to solve challenges. It doesn't matter what the age or ability level of your child is as Explore More is designed so they will naturally adapt and learn at their own pace. This means children of different ages can work alongside each other as well.

The story slides are easy to follow, just click through each slide and follow the narrative and questions. There are notes in some of the slides to help you and some activities will have separate resources which you will find in each of the stories ‘resource box’.

Best to have a read through all the slides before you go into presentation mode with your child. There is no need for you to sit alongside your child all the way through - there are plenty of tasks that they can get on with while you do something else (though you may find yourself drawn in!)

You can pause the activities at any time and add your own in response to your child’s ideas. For example if they become excited about the design of a castle or an enchanted forest and this seems to have captured their interest, you might spend some time with them exploring more. Your child could spend some time looking at castles and fictional forests in books or on child friendly websites such as BBC Bitesize or maybe look for an online museum, gallery or children’s author’s site. Be guided by your child’s questions and curiosity. As you go along, you may find that they just get on with this on their own, coming up with their own tasks that need doing to complete the story. This is fine and further empowers their independent learning.

Questions drive a lot of the learning here and you are instrumental in asking those questions. So do follow and repeat the questions in the slide, adding your own or encouraging your child to ask questions back to you.

  • You can be the one who knows “I know this - do you think it would be useful?”
  • Or the one who doesn’t “I have no idea - what do you think we should do?”
  • Or the one who warns “I have heard they have very good hearing - how can we travel undetected?”
  • Or the one who wonders “I wonder if we should take a ….”

What should I expect from using Explore More?

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing lots of places to find themes and ideas and how to ask questions and support the roles you can play in this learning. And play is the key word here - this is serious but playful work designed to get children thinking hard, but in a safe and enjoyable space. You don’t need many resources, but you’ll find big sheets of paper useful (use the back of off cuts of wallpaper if you have them). Masking tape can also be useful for timelines, room plans etc. But just use whatever you have to hand.

It’s understandable if you just want to dip in and out of these stories. But one way of helping young people and ourselves become resilient learners is through some good, old fashioned escapism. Delving into stories where they children become the expert, an active agent of change is empowering for them - they have the power to decide and to change the direction of events. They need to feel they have a little power and control in their lives too! Learning through stories can help with that.

What do I get if I join?

The first three chapters of Troll Hunter are currently free for you to try. To enjoy further chapters of Troll Hunter and more wonderfully engaging stories you will need to join Explore More. The subscription cost is £10 per month.

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